Being a fighter

Fighters come in every shape and form and all have a common goal. The definition of a fighter is often times related to boxing or some form of combat. But actually, a ‘fighter’ can also be someone who perseveres through tough and incredible odds. Someone who, with the cards stacked against them, comes out having achieved their goal and more

Is a person that has multiple championship belts from Boxing, Muay Thai or MMA a fighter? What about someone who has been battling cancer for 14 years, are they considered a fighter too? What about that little child, who grows up in an impoverished environment, with all types of bad influences around them, only to become a doctor, lawyer or business person?

My answer, is YES. They all are. Fighting is about struggle. It’s about resistance. And it’s about figuring out how to achieve your goal(s) in everyday life with elements that are not in your favor.. A fighter’s mindset should have less to do with beating their opponent and winning and more to do with besting themselves and walking out a better person than they started.

Take that young child from the impoverished community that went to college and got an education and became a prominent member of society. Might they have gotten there if their upbringing was different? Maybe. But an argument can be made that they are as much a fighter as is the current World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

It is my hope to give all who read this a good idea about what it means to be a fighter. That lives in all of us; whether training for a fight, or studying for a test or battling sickness or disease.