Often times, when I hear coaches and trainers speak about the loss their fighter suffered, it always has something to do with the fighter themselves not doing something. This shrugging of responsibility, to me, has no place in the equation. As a trainer/coach, your job is to teach the fighter what to do, show them what to do, shows them how to react, etc. If they did not do those things, that should always fall on the trainer. My reasoning? When a fighter is in training camp, one of their main focuses should be a classical conditioning scenario. By this, I mean that they should be learning the specific techniques, combos, counters, defenses, etc and drilling them incessantly. If you do the same thing over and over again, it often times becomes your “default” action. If your fighter, did not perform the techniques as desired, it shows a lack of this.Every time I have ever had a fighter lose, I have taken it hard and started to question myself and my methods. My thoughts have never once shifted to blaming the fighter themselves for anything. So the next time your fighter loses a fight, ask yourself, “Did I do everything possible to ensure his/her success?” This very question is what take a trainer/coach from good to great.