Passing on knowledge

As a coach and instructor, you can’t keep the secrets to yourself. You need to be a source of knowledge and pass on all that which you yourself have learned over time. Whether it’s knowledge to your students, fighters or fellow coaches. This is how the dynamics work. This is how the sport and all of its practices grow and thrive. Tonight, I had my business partner and friend wrap our fighter’s hands before the fight and she did great. The best part is that we had to rush a little towards the end, but she rose to the occasion and completed the task. This helped to really test her ability to stay calm and trust in herself and her abilities. No one starts anything doing it perfectly; trials and tribulations are part of these processes and it makes the person better at that particular task. I’ve done this before with a few others coaches. This allows others to have working knowledge of this art within the art. I will not be able to do this forever and passing on any knowledge, big or small will add to the greater good.