Located on the second floor of Firdale Village off of Firdale Ave in Edmonds, WA.

A Guild is defined as “an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.” This is a direct reflection on my education in the art of Muay Thai. I have had the opportunity to train with many great Krus (teachers) that have helped shape my perception of the art and have helped further my understanding of the techniques as they apply to today’s standards. While I am a traditionalist at heart, I realize the practice and competitive aspects may not always be the same.

Therefore, I have gathered all of the techniques that I have learned in the last 25 years and have simplified them so that everyone may learn the art of 8 limbs. I also make sure to stay abreast on all of the current techniques being taught AND used in competition as well as any trends that may be making their way through the Amateur and Professional ranks. My goal is simple: to teach high quality, high percentage techniques that work in practice and in real world situations. I make sure that all of my students can perform the techniques as shown and then test them to see if they have made these techniques “their own”.



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M 8:30p–9:30p
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Our coaches provide a unique philosophy to training. We want to teach our students how to not only learn from us, but also how to self correct to be successful in the ring and in life.


Head Coach, Marc Hee

My original combat art was boxing. My father was a boxer in the Marines and would take me to the gym with him when I was young. After that, my parents enrolled me into different martial arts. I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai in 1994. I have trained and fought in Muay Thai, MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing and have loved every minute of it. However, Muay Thai is the art that I have really come to love and cherish. It has given me so much throughout the years and I definitely love the culture aspect that comes with it as well. From 1994 until now, I have seen Muay Thai change and grow exponentially. And it continues to grow and evolve each and every day. My hope is that it will be more of a household name in the future in America. My goal is educate people about the art, the culture and the beauty of Muay Thai and to help further the art that has helped me become who I am.


Coach Ashley Wilhelm

I have always been athletic and into competitive sports. From body building to football. It wasn't until 2014 that I discovered my LOVE for Muay Thai. I had recently been diagnosed with cancer and needed a new outlet. I thought I would go into a gym, learn to punch some things and call it a day. Little did I know that summer day of 2014 would be the first day of the rest of my life. I dabbled in Jiu Jitsu and wrestling but Muay Thai is the art that my heart continues to draw back to time and time again. Muay Thai has been great not just physically but mentally and emotionally. The culture and honor involved in this art is a beauty I can never seem to describe. The last 4 years has been transforming, I am constantly learning and growing. My desire is to continue to bring the same joy Muay Thai brings me to those who join our classes from new students, lovers of the art for years as well as fighters.


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